SCiDA Podcast – Towards the ECN DMA – Mozilla, the Internet Economy Foundation and Vanessa Turner (BEUC) on the present and future of the DMA

Interview with Kush Amlani – Mozilla This episode we interview Kush Amlani, Global Competition & Regulatory Counsel at Mozilla. Mozilla is a non-profit backed technology organisation, known for the flagship Firefox browser. Mozilla is also recognised for its advocacy campaigns that champion privacy, human dignity, and an open internet. LISTEN HERE: SCiDA Podcast #4 – Kush […]

Introducing the SCiDA Podcast – Towards the ECN-DMA Workshop series.

For those of you who want to listen to digital platform regulation issues while being on the go – We are launching the SCiDA Podcast! In the coming weeks, we conduct interviews with stakeholders about their views on the DMA and national digital platform regulation, their experiences in the DMA compliance workshops, how they see […]

Pay not OK? ‘Pay-or-consent models’ – where the GDPR, DMA and DSA meet

The news that Facebook and Instagram could become paid services sent shockwaves throughout the masses of influencers and other social media enthusiasts. Would they really have to pay a monthly fee starting at 12 euros for their daily fix of reels, posts and pictures? Fortunately for Europe’s young and trendy, the subscription model is not […]

A new summer designation – & the DMA.

The Commission’s DMA team has just given us a peak into their summer plans! However, their summer does not revolve around sunny beaches or city trips, but rather paperwork and workshops. In its latest round of designation decisions, the Commission has announced that Booking will be considered a gatekeeper. As the obligations will only start […]

A Report from the Courtroom: Amazon’s paramount significance for competition across markets confirmed in Germany

While most of us would have a clear intuition how to respond to the question whether the e-commerce giant Amazon has a paramount significance across markets, Amazon appealed the German Bundeskartellamt’s designation decision under Sec. 19a (1) GWB. The trial entered a second round of hearings on 23 April 2024 resulting in a dismissal of […]

A Week of Workshops: Observations from the DMA Compliance Workshops

The workshops: informative, transformative (and performative?) What a week and what a kickstart for the DMA! We listened to six DMA Compliance workshops, where the designated gatekeepers discussed the changes that they have made to their core platform services, answered questions, and received comments from a wide range of stakeholders. After 5 of them, quasi […]

Compliance time! Categorizing Risks of Compliance Failures in the DMA

It’s compliance time! On the 7th of March, the first designated gatekeepers had to start complying with the substantive provisions of the DMA. The European Commission’s anticipation of this moment was characterised by their official DMA countdown clock. Around the time the clock ran out, the gatekeepers published the non-confidential summaries of their compliance reports. […]

Welcome to the SCiDA Project!

What is the SCiDA Project? Welcome to the SCiDA blog! On March 1st 2024, we have kicked off our project “Shaping Competition in the Digital Age”. In this project, we study the implementation and early enforcement of three new regulatory initiatives: the Digital Markets Act at the EU level, the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers […]

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